Our Coffee


Yes, we are a bakery, but we take our coffee VERY seriously! We partner with George Howell Coffee to source our drip coffee and espresso.  George Howell Coffee was founded by specialty coffee pioneer, George Howell, who is revered in the industry for his pursuit of excellence, his eternal curiosity and his devotion to the small coffee farmer.

Our House Coffee is from the Antigua region of Guatemala,  a carefully selected blend from indigenous small farm coffee lots.  It is chosen for its clarity, sweetness and chocolate notes. We also offer a Light Roast of our House Coffee which highlights the origin flavor notes of chocolate, brown sugar and tangerine with vibrant acidity.

We serve Alchemy Espresso, a blend designed both to stand on its own and to shine through when enjoyed with milk.  Alchemy is made from a base of two coffees: Daterra Farm dry-processed coffee which offers full-bodied, soft fruit notes and their carefully selected, regional Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee which adds a touch of extra-smooth liveliness. They then add unique coffees to this foundation every few months to impart new interest, flair and distinctive nuances while staying faithful to Alchemy’s central character.  Espresso drinks at Seven Stars are consistently richly flavorful.